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For Patients

TimeDoc helps your doctor care for you between office visits when you are at home to ensure that you have everything you need. Through this additinal care your doctor can prevent additional trips to the hospital and emergency room, coordinate with your other doctors and caregivers and connect you to valuable resources.

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For Independent Practices

TimeDoc has helped hundreds of providers in meidcal practices across 22 provide and obtain remebursement for CCM since 2015

We offer a wider range of CCM solutions than any other vendor from software-only to fully outsourced models. Learn how timedoc can help you start a better practice. 

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For FQHCs and RHCs

CMS increase the reimbursement rate for CCM related services for FQHSs and RHCs in 2018

TimeDoc has been helping FQHCs and RHCs provide and obtain reimbursement for CCM since the program became available to those organizations in 2016.

Learn how TimeDoc can coordinate for your medicare and duel eligibility patients.