Some want to provide internal CCM services while maintaining internal staff while others need to outsource the services. Often times a practice that outsources the program initially wants to bring the program back in house down the road. To accommodate these varying and evolving needs, we have developed three different CCM modes. Practices can jump from one to the other at their own pace, keeping them in control of the program. 


Software-Only (In House)

Your clinical staff leverage our EHR integrated CCM platform to provide, track and bill for CCM. We help you get the program off the ground if need be. 

Turnkey (Fully Outsourced)

Our remote care team provides a comprehensive CCM service under the supervision of your providers, including patient enrollment care plan development.

Software+ Services (Hybrid)

Your clinical staff uses our EHR-integrated CCM platform to provide as much CCM and TimeDoc's care team augments the rest of the service.