Ensure equitable distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccines

Regardless of if your health center is self-administering the coronavirus vaccine or sending patients offsite, there are many steps needed to ensure your Medicare patients get properly immunized. By incorporating telephonic vaccine outreach into your chronic care management program, you can save your clinic hours of work while ensuring your most vulnerable patients get supported through their vaccination journey.

Our COVID-19 vaccine outreach includes:

Phone based engagement

Telephonic outreach allows patients to speak with a live healthcare professional to address vaccine-related concerns and questions.

Appointment setting

Elderly patients struggle to use technology to secure a vaccination appointment. Our care managers work with each patient to set up appointments for both doses either at your health center or off-site through local organizations.

Working through challenges

Recognize and remove obstacles such as transportation, language barriers, and other special needs that could hinder patients from getting vaccinated.

Post-appointment follow up

Virtually monitor patients for allergic reactions and adverse effects after both doses and properly communicate events to their provider team.

EMR Documentation

Care managers follow your EMR documentation protocol to ensure that your patient chart gets updated with the important vaccination details.


Provide robust reporting on appointments and patients who have received first and second doses, giving you insight into your enrolled patients' vaccination status.

Vaccine Outreach Services Include:

Patient Identification

We identify Medicare patients eligible for the vaccine and use telephonic outreach to prepare them for vaccination.

Assigned Care Managers

A dedicated team of care managers assigned to your health center will be there for your patients every step of the way through their vaccination journey and beyond.


Using chronic care management G-codes & CPT codes, your organization can be reimbursed for any vaccine-related care coordination provided to program enrolled patients.

TimeDoc Health Advantage

By incorporating vaccine outreach into your chronic care management program, you can ensure your enrolled patients get properly vaccinated while saving your health center hours of work.

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