Covid 19

COVID-19 has shed new light on an issue that pre-existed even before the pandemic: most health care organizations do not have a proactive approach to monitor their patients and identify those at risk when they are away from the office. This issue is further magnified as we enter an era where face-to-face visits must be limited to reduce exposure, especially with the chronically ill, who are more susceptible to adverse reactions. But even in the middle of a global health crisis, the world keeps turning, and your patients still need your care, more now than ever.

Use virtual care management to proactively monitor patients
when they are away from the clinic

Chronic Care Management

Consistent patient engagement is the foundation for chronic disease management because it allows providers to stay in the loop of patients’ health status while addressing their medical needs in real-time. Successful CCM programs continue to bridge the gap left by the void of in-person visits due to the pandemic.

Chronic care management minimizes disruption of care

Behavioral Health Integration

With 50%+ of adults expressing that COVID-19 has negatively impacted their mental health, healthcare organizations must adjust and adapt the way they think of behavioral health as part of primary care. The integration of behavioral health is essential in improving patients’ physical and mental health during these uncertain times.

Integrated behavioral health improves overall health outcomes

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