Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Will Boeglin

Co-Founder, CEO

Will is a first-time entrepreneur driven to improve healthcare by empowering passionate people and developing powerful technology.
Fun fact, he has watched nearly all 40 seasons of Survivor.

Dr. Curt Ginder

Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer

Curt is a data scientist by training, developing tools to automate clinical workflows and utilize EHR data to personalize care delivery and coordination. He is also an internal medicine resident physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Curt likes to work on lowering his average golf score to be under his average bowling score in his free time.

John-Patrick Di Cosola

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

John brings 10+ years of experience building software products. He has developed high-volume and scalable technology platforms and has an innate passion for building strong engineering teams. John’s absolute favorite food is potatoes.

Mary Beth Wynn

Vice President of People

Mary Beth is a strategic business leader who knows that our people are the key to everything that we have been able to and will be able to accomplish. Passionate about recruiting the right people, she loves building a culture that supports, develops, and retains employees. Mary Beth has an equal love for both cats and dogs.

Chris Knoff

Vice President of Business Development, Co-Founder

Chris is a former healthcare consultant driven to make physicians’ lives easier and more effective by developing processes and strategies to enable organizations to transition to value-based reimbursement. The one thing Chris can never turn down: chocolate chip cookies.

Christina Sloan

Director of Quality, Training, & Innovation

Christina has spent more than 15 years in healthcare operations, quality, and process improvement. She is passionate about disrupting the norm and developing new strategies to increase efficiencies and improve the patient experience. Christina has a degree in culinary arts and spent time in Barcelona learning to make her signature dish – seafood paella.

Tracey Baker

Director of Client Success

Tracey has accomplished 10+ years in client operations, digital health, value-based care, and national quality improvement programs. She is hyper-focused on delivering a best-in-class client and provider experience to improve healthcare for older adults, all while leading teams at high-growth stage companies. Tracey owns a sailboat named Handsome Pete, named after an obscure Simpsons character.

Rodney Knox

Director of Care Operations

Rodney has 15+ years of experience in operations, management, marketing, and day-to-day support in customer service, including B2B and B2C. He is focused on technology and analytics to improve the client experience. Interesting fact, Rodney has earned Grand Champion Ribbons in Pigs and Flower in 4H and has the pictures to prove it.

Kunj Thakkar

Director of Marketing

Kunj is a product and marketing leader with extensive experience in the healthcare and life science industries. He has a passion for building brands and delivering growth through demand generation and customer advocacy. He is the self-proclaimed expert in building the best music playlists for any occasion.