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Welcome to the Future of Virtual Care

TimeDoc Health has partnered with hundreds of healthcare organizations to deliver care management programs at scale, according to best practices, and supported by proven technology. We have developed best-in-class solutions intentionally designed for integrated, virtual care.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Enterprise platform and care management services to effectively deliver holistic care, from medication adherence and appointment scheduling to durable medical equipment (DME) assistance.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Integrated solutions to deliver actionable data on chronic conditions and care management services to minimize medication errors, inaccurate readings, missed appointments, and other common concerns.

Behavioral Health Monitoring

Behavioral Health Monitoring

Connected care services to help proactively manage chronically ill patients’ mental well-being by offering behavioral health focused care coordination.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It​

Robert Perlmuter

Robert Perlmuter, MD FACP President/CEO Primary Care Medical Associates

As a primary care provider, using TimeDoc for chronic care management is a no brainer. Before using TimeDoc, we weren’t able to scale our CCM program, because we didn’t have the technology or staffing needed. TimeDoc has made CCM easy, saving us time and allowing us to serve more patients!

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks, LCSW, CADC Brooks Integrated Health Solution

I supported TimeDoc Health in developing their Behavioral Health Integration program. Patients supported by TimeDoc receive the highest quality care that addresses their behavioral health disorders and co-occurring chronic diseases. TimeDoc is patient-centered in their approach to quality care management services, ensuring that provider teams have what they need to address a patient's whole-person health.

Nancy Barnette

Nancy Barnette, Office Manager Dunbar Medical Associates

We can’t live without TimeDoc! It’s by far the best tool we’ve implemented since we started our EHR in 2007.

Better Outcomes.
Happier Providers.
Healthier Bottom Line.


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Increase Revenue

Medicare has increased reimbursement for VCM to about $165/patient per month when enrolled in qualified programs

Optimize Enrollment

TimeDoc’s expertise in patient enrollment can increase patient participation and revenue

Reduce Costs

CCM alone has been proven to reduce costs by $74 per beneficiary, RPM can increase this significantly.

Retain Patients

TimeDoc retains 90% of program participants annually leading to longer-term financial and clinical value

Improve Outcomes

TimeDoc VCM patients have seen a 10% reduction in uncontrolled blood pressure

Close Gaps

TimeDoc did over 10k FRAs and scheduled +1k vaccine appointments in 2021

The Most Integrated Care Management Solution in the Industry

TimeDoc care management solutions and services were designed by doctors to seamlessly integrate into your EHR and workflow. From pushing vitals directly into your flow chart to automating the billing process, we set the standard for integrations in the care management industry.


Regardless of where you are in your virtual care management journey, our customizable solution gives you the power to keep going. From EHR integrated technology to staff augmentation and more, you can pick and choose the services to fill your program’s gaps to result in a comprehensive but flexible solution that optimizes care for patients and enhances revenue for your organization.

The Most Integrated Care Management Solution in the Industry
True EHR Integration

True EHR Integration

TimeDoc pushes vitals and documentation into discrete EHR fields optimizing care team efficiency, automating the billing process, and unlocking program insights to help scale your program without disrupting your clinical workflow.

Accelerated Program Enrollment

Accelerated Program Enrollment

Whether you are starting with a new program or looking to grow an existing one, our Patient Enrollment Specialists help educate and enroll program-eligible patients per Medicare requirements.

Flexible Staff Augmentation

Flexible Staff Augmentation

We provide flexible and dedicated patient services through our team of clinically trained Care Coordinators. You can choose to fully outsource or use our team to take on the patients your practice chooses.

Low-Risk Pricing and Contracting

Low-Risk Pricing and Contracting

We know budgeting can be challenging, that’s why we strive to find a financial arrangement that fits your budget and objectives.

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