Unique challenges require unique solutions

We help you drive a continuous stream of revenue through our chronic care management software and services by offering you a custom solution to meet the needs of your organization and the goals of your chronic care management program.

Our CCM Software Allows You To:

Drive ROI of your program

Powerful reporting functionality can deliver insights to help to understand the financial impact your chronic care management program delivers so you can sustain profits year over year.

Reduce time spent on CCM billing

Streamline end of the month CCM billing with reports that automatically tabulate charges based on documented activities and post directly to your EHR.

Automate care planning

Use our physician-created care plans or create your own templates to upload into our platform that synchronizes with your EHR to automatically fill patient information to streamline the care planning process.

Maintain Medicare program compliance

Monthly encounter summaries, patient consent, and care plans are stored to be easily accessed in our platform with PDFs pushed into your EHR to assist in case of a Medicare audit.

Easily document time

Advanced EHR integration gives you the ability to document directly from the patient chart so the clinical staff can efficiently log time spent with patients. The easy-to-use interface lets you track day-to-day activities without disrupting clinical workflows.

Increase care staff efficiency

Dashboards give you real-time visibility into your program size, patient population, and care management productivity. With this functionality, your care team can prioritize their patient panel by risk, minutes documented, active problems, and more.

CCM Services to fill your gap:

Staff Augmentation

Many healthcare organizations do not have the capacity to provide the virtual care needed for chronic care management. These practices can utilize our care managers as a remote extension of their practice to coordinate care.

Turnkey Marketing

Expand the awareness of your program by proactively reaching out to patients. Our turnkey marketing services use a multi-channel approach to maximize your program's awareness.

Enrollment Services

Enrollment services help you evaluate the best patients fit for your CCM program and work to increase enrollment through phone-based, direct-to-patient contact. These services take care of educating patients, obtaining consent, and mailing out care plans, ensuring Medicare compliance.

TimeDoc Health Advantage

Our hybrid model can minimize your upfront costs by taking on all the care coordination your healthcare organization cannot handle independently. You can scale this service up and down as you desire to achieve the optimal balance between revenue and workload.

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