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Between behavioral health integration, chronic care management, annual wellness visits, and remote patient monitoring, virtual care management is expected to grow exponentially. While all these programs can be beneficial to both practices and patients, doing it yourself can bring on several challenges:

Program Design

You must understand legal and reimbursement requirements to develop policies and practices to ensure compliance, proving difficult for one virtual care program and becoming more challenging as you layer on additional initiatives.

Proper Technology

Your practice must adapt clinical workflows to accommodate the limitations of your current electronic health records systems. On top of that, these systems do not deliver insights into your program to ensure high-risk patients are getting the care they need and that initiatives are profitable.


Existing staff do not have the capacity to take on care coordination, requiring practices to hire additional team members dedicated to care coordination. These added members are then stuck with inefficient tools that do not enable them to provide care in a valuable, scalable, or financially sustainable way.

We help you do virtual care

management the right way

Identify and focus on the highest risk patients to consistently engage with by extending care into patients’ homes.

Deliver higher quality, personalized care by giving providers access to the patient history between face-to-face visits.

Help lead to healthier and happier patients by reducing unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits.

Why providers love

TimeDoc Health

Superior Patient Outcomes

Our solution helps drive patient satisfaction to deliver outstanding care to your patients.

Flexible Pricing

Hybrid pricing model gives you the flexibility to choose what services your care management program needs, putting you in control.

Drive Financial Throughput

On average, our clients earn over $300k in Medicare reimbursements per year, with our largest client billing more than $1M.

Program Design and Success

From implementation to ongoing delivery, our client success team will help you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Hundreds Of healthcare
organization trust US

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