Endocrinologists CCM and RPM Platform


Endocrinologists CCM and RPM Platform

With remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) applications from TimeDoc Health, you can improve clinical pathways for diabetes to empower patients to manage their health and promote better patient health outcomes.


We created our revolutionary software with the goal of making healthcare more easily accessible to patients while empowering medical providers to deliver the most comprehensive care available.


Chronic Care Management for Endocrinologists

Through TimeDoc Health’s CCM platform, endocrinologists can take advantage of reimbursement opportunities through new CPT codes while improving health outcomes through innovative solutions customized for patients’ goals and needs. Our specialized software helps patients with chronic health conditions achieve a better quality of life by enabling providers to deliver the highest level of service through the following:


  • Increasing staff efficiency
  • Automating care planning
  • Efficiently documenting time spent with patients
  • Reducing CCM billing time 
  • Maintaining Medicare compliance
  • Enhancing program return on investment (ROI)

Remote Patient Monitoring for Endocrinologists

RPM software for endocrinologists gives clinicians access to updated patient vitals and provides real-time insights into patient conditions. Our remote patient monitoring applications are ideally suited for glucose monitoring for diabetes management.


The TimeDoc Health RPM platform includes:


  • User-friendly glucose monitoring devices 
  • Automatic data collection
  • Monitoring for multiple conditions
  • Better health outcomes
  • Reduced risk of hospitalization
  • Customizable alerts
  • EHR integration

TimeDoc Health's Integrated Software

Our CCM and RPM platforms are designed for easy integration into your electronic health records (EHR), enabling you to seamlessly track patient vitals, view medical charts, identify high-risk patients and more. TimeDoc Health software is compatible with your current technologies, facilitating automatic data transfer into your EHR.


In addition to implementing our software into your facility, we can also supplement your care management staff or provide comprehensive care coordination through our flexible services.


Endocrinologist Clinical Pathway: Diabetes

With over 34 million Americans living with diabetes, endocrinologists must keep up with constant monitoring demands and treatment plans for glucose management. Our RPM program streamlines the use of healthcare resources, reduces clinical practice variations and improves overall quality of care by connecting care teams to vital glucose data.


Our remote patient monitoring platform and self-monitoring glucose devices can:


  • Empower diabetes patients to manage their health
  • Improve treatment adherence
  • Enhance patient/physician engagement
  • Reduce risks associated with diabetes

Benefits of Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring for Endocrinologists

When you use our endocrinologist CCM and RPM platforms for your primary care facility, you’ll experience numerous benefits for patients and providers alike.

Clinical Efficiency

With CCM and RPM solutions from TimeDoc Health, you’ll never have to dedicate your time to learning how to use a new technological system. Because our platform fully integrates with your EHR, there’s no need to switch over to a different system, saving your doctors and care staff time and maximizing productivity to generate the best patient outcomes.

Actionable Data

Care teams gain access to ongoing monitoring data they wouldn’t have from stand-alone office checkups. This data allows teams to optimize care for better health results and more satisfied patients. With a data-based approach, practices can also allocate resources more effectively.

Operational Optimization

Our solutions are fully integrated, which means providers won’t have to reenter data into their system. Instead, patient data such as care plans for CCM or vital health metrics for RPM automatically upload into your EHR, optimizing care management operations.

Improve Clinical Pathways for Diabetes With Integrated Software From TimeDoc Health

You can enhance your clinical protocols for diabetes and other endocrine-related conditions with integrated RPM and CCM solutions from TimeDoc Health. We strive to improve health outcomes and CMS reimbursement with our state-of-the-art platform.

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