EHR Integration

Better Care.
No Disruptions.

EHR Integration

Better Care. No Disruptions.

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One of the biggest concerns that our prospective partners have when considering a virtual care management program is integration.

Many companies don’t want to take the leap because they’re worried it will take too long or force them to completely change the way they work.

That’s not the case with TimeDoc: We support your existing technology, seamlessly integrating with your current EHR system. TimeDoc Health’s bidirectional integration into your electronic health record system transforms our platform into an extension of your EHR, allowing provider teams to deliver care more efficiently by improving clinical workflows.

Our HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant software is uniquely positioned to allow documentation straight from the patient’s chart, automatically push charges directly into EHRs, create reports, develop program insights, and keep track of all encounter summaries. You can reduce implementation time and get operational quickly through our pre-built APIs that safely and securely sync with most electronic health record systems.

Extend the Power of Your EHR

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Health Fusion MediTouch
Athena Health
Prime Suite
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