Become a TimeDoctor

TimeDoc Health is filled with a diverse team of individuals who all have one goal in mind: strengthening the provider-patient relationship through technology-enabled healthcare. Collectively, our team is made up of creative thinkers who care deeply about improving healthcare. We share a commitment to enhancing the lives of the chronically ill, and with that commitment, we have developed a platform that gives providers the ability to deliver care outside the walls of their medical office. We take pride in knowing we are positively contributing to the health of thousands of patients, and we strive to bring on extraordinary colleagues who share the same devotion.

GROwth Mindset


With passion and perseverance, we believe that hard work trumps all. We know that not every day is easy, but we fully believe that a good attitude and the desire to succeed are the foundation of long-term success for our employees and our organization.


We are a fast-pacing digital health company with a passion for results written in our DNA.  We strongly believe that we can grow our company to reach new heights every day with our ferocious appetite for success.


We value and actively promote transparent and open communication. By creating an environment of transparency, our employees know what is going on, feel heard, and most importantly, have the comfort of sharing feedback.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid time off, floating holidays, and medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family. As a growing company, we value our employees and are constantly looking to enhance their benefits.


Our intense focus on collaboration helps us build a unique and connected culture. Even though our TimeDoctors reside all across the country, we manage plenty of team-building activities, including virtual jeopardy, kudos corner, and more.

Diversity & Inclusion

TimeDoc Health takes pride in being a progressive organization that values each voice and every employee. Not only do we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, we know it is essential in achieving our long-term vision.

Career Development

By recognizing that our biggest asset is our employees, we have developed an organizational commitment for career development and on-going skills training at each level. We enable our employees to expand their skills with a focus on helping advance their careers within our company.

Employee Testimonials

TimeDoc Health posts all of its current job openings on its Careers page. All applications are received and reviewed by our People Operations team, who will respond to your application by email if you are selected to take assessments or schedule a video interview through our Calendly links. If you are selected for an interview you will receive a Google Meet invite and will talk via video or phone with one of our recruiters or hiring managers. We do not approach candidates on IM or voice, video, and text chat apps, or conduct text-only interviews. 


Beware of job scammers.  Please don’t fall prey to scammers out there – if anyone approaches you by IM or on a voice, video and text chat app purporting to be a TimeDoc employee and inviting you to “interview” on that platform, they are not a representative of TimeDoc.