Help Make Access
to Equitable Remote Care
a Reality


Help Make Access to Equitable Remote Care a Reality

TimeDoc Health

Powered by Mission, Driven by People

TimeDoc Health is a collective of diverse team members aligned in a shared commitment to improve the lives of patients.

Started in 2015, we’ve since grown to support over 100,000 patients through our innovative SaaS and hybrid services models. We partner with FQHCs, community health centers, medical groups, and health systems to address the critical needs of patients suffering from chronic conditions.

We’re proud of our positive contribution to the health and well-being of thousands, and strive to create a work environment that fosters purpose and fulfillment.

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The GROwth Mindset

Our emphasis on meaningful work is complemented by a culture of care, connection, and support. Our dedicated team of TimeDoctors embrace three core values:


With passion and perseverance, hard work trumps all. We know not every day is easy, but we believe that a positive attitude and a strong drive to succeed lay the foundation for long-term success, for teams, employees, and our organization.

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We are a fast-paced digital health company with a passion for results written in our DNA. We strongly believe that we can grow our company to reach new heights every day with our ferocious appetite for success.

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We value and actively promote transparent and open communication. By creating an environment of transparency, our teams know what’s going on, feel heard, and most importantly, have the comfort of sharing honest feedback.

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Investing in Our Future

At TimeDoc, we care deeply about the patients we serve, and the people who serve them. That’s why we’ve committed to building a work environment that encourages growth and development.

Working at TimeDoc Health

Stephanie Cesani, Bilingual Healthcare Recruiter

When I started my journey with TimeDoc Health, I recognized it as a place of personal and professional growth. I initially started at TimeDoc as a Care Coordinator, and have since been promoted to a Clinical Recruiter. Through these various roles, I have experienced a profound connection and the potential to positively impact not only patients' lives but also help identify top talent to join our team. It's not solely about the tasks; it's about the people. We wholeheartedly celebrate achievements and provide unwavering support for one another. TimeDoc Health has emphasized the importance of cooperation, accomplishments, and collaborative effort. I take great pride in being a part of TimeDoc Health and eagerly anticipate the fresh and exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Stephanie Cesani
Bilingual Healthcare Recruiter

Noemi Butler, Bilingual Enrollment Specialist

Time would fail me if I tried to list all of the positive things I love about working for TimeDoc. I had been with my previous employer for just short of 15 years, so admittedly, when the opportunity at TimeDoc first presented itself, I was hesitant to accept the position. Once I did though, I quickly came to see what a wonderful decision it was! As a Bilingual Enrollment Specialist, I get to speak with all sorts of patients and help them to know what resources are available to them through their Medicare coverage so they can live happier, healthier lives. In addition, I get to work for a company who truly and sincerely cares about the health and well-being of their patients, employees and clients alike. I am amazed by the transparency, approachability, and support from leadership, the opportunities for growth personally and professionally, and the true camaraderie I've experienced since joining TimeDoc. Working for TimeDoc feels like more than being on a team, for me it feels like being part of a whole new and extended family!

Noemi Butler
Bilingual Enrollment Specialist

Jose Ramirez, LVN, Care Coordinator

As a tenured TimeDoc team member, I have seen firsthand the amount of effort each team member puts forth. The company is constantly finding ways to improve not only the patient and client experience but also the job satisfaction of new and existing team members. I’ve had the opportunity to grow within the company and was able to achieve my goal of becoming a Team Lead through the help of my peers and many other people on the team. Growth is not only available but it is also celebrated and encouraged within the company. I am confident opportunities like this will continue to be available to those who are driven and open to achieving. I find that to be true of TimeDoc’s culture and I am proud to be a member of the TimeDoc Healthcare team

Jose Ramirez, LVN
Care Team Lead

Kenny Ramirez, Bilingual Care Coordinator

When I first joined TimeDoc...I was looking for a position where I could involve myself in meaningful work, and develop along the way. I was looking for a career, not just another job. TimeDoc has surpassed the expectations I had when I decided to take the job offer. The company’s mission, leadership, community, support, and opportunities given to grow within the company, are absolutely unheard of. The leadership is TOP-NOTCH! Leadership values their employees, listens to their feedback, and actually changes workflows based on that feedback. I have NEVER worked for a company that takes its employees' thoughts so seriously. All I can say is that they are stuck with me, I’m ALL in!

Kenny Ramirez
Bilingual Care Coordinator

Kim Wiggins, Care Coordinator

I am proud to say I work for TimeDoc Health. I have been with the company for two years and love my job. I am a Care coordinator, and I love being able to connect with my patients and to be able to help them understand their health conditions and to be able to provide them with community resources to help them manage their health. Even though this is a remote position, I have all the support from fellow teammates and management to do my job. There is room for growth professionally and personally at TimeDoc. If you are looking for a rewarding job, join our team.

Kim Wiggins
Care Coordinator

Jesse Ramos, Training Specialist Lead

My experience with TimeDoc Health has been an important step in my professional, and personal, growth. Both the company mission of providing excellent care and service to our patients and clients, and the company culture of growth and development, are what make TimeDoc Health a truly special place to be.

Jesse Ramos
Training Specialist Lead

    TimeDoc Health posts all of its current job openings on its Careers page. All applications are received and reviewed by our People Operations team, who will respond to your application by email if you are selected to take assessments or schedule a video interview through our Calendly links. If you are selected for an interview you will receive a Google Meet invite and will talk via video or phone with one of our recruiters or hiring managers. We do not approach candidates on IM or voice, video, and text chat apps, or conduct text-only interviews.

    Beware of job scammers. Please don’t fall prey to scammers out there – if anyone approaches you by IM or on a voice, video and text chat app purporting to be a TimeDoc employee and inviting you to “interview” on that platform, they are not a representative of TimeDoc.