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Our RPM services provide you with real time insights for better care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Real-Time Insights
for Better Care

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Creating a care plan for patients is just one part of the care equation. The other part? Making sure they follow through. With remote patient monitoring software, you can do just that.

Creating a care plan for patients is just one part of the care equation. The other part? Making sure they follow through. With RPM services, you can do just that.

TimeDoc allows you to easily stay connected with your patients’ health, both inside and outside the office. We combine remote care services, an EHR-integrated patient dashboard, and easy-to-use devices like self-monitoring blood pressure devices or cellular-enabled blood glucose meters to create a robust and scalable solution designed for all healthcare organizations — and even their most tech-averse patients.

Through our remote patient monitoring software, you can leverage actionable data to proactively improve your patients' health while reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Timely actionable insights into your patients’ vitals can lead to fewer medication errors, inaccurate readings, missed appointments, and other common concerns.

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Now there’s time for Remote Patient Monitoring.

TimeDoc’s remote patient monitoring software seamlessly works with the electronic health record system you’re already using. Patient-submitted vitals will automatically be available within the patient’s health record. Our software trends patient vitals over time and alerts providers when readings are outside of the patient’s approved range, allowing clinical teams to determine the best course of treatment.

And if you’re worried you’ll need more staff to make RPM happen, don’t be. TimeDoc Health goes beyond RPM services by offering comprehensive staff augmentation services. We can supplement your care management staffing or fully outsource your remote patient monitoring program.


Improvement in blood pressure control*


Patient retention in Virtual Care Management programs**


Per patient, per month in reimbursements
*Based on internal TimeDoc Health data. **Up to depending on program requirements and patient participation.

How TimeDoc Supports Remote Patient Monitoring

TimeDoc Health

Easy to Use Devices

Choose from blood glucose meters, scales for weight management, and self-monitoring blood pressure devices that are all cellular-enabled to support monitoring of various chronic conditions.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

EHR Integrated Technology

We support the use of your current systems by pushing patient data directly from our platform onto the patient chart in your EHR.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

Automatic Data Collection

Devices automatically push readings into the patient dashboard on our powerful, web-based platform that displays biometric data in real-time, allowing you to track patient adherence, program enrollment, and other key insights.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

Customizable Alert Settings

Set thresholds for your entire remote monitoring program or customize them by the patient and decide how frequently your clinical team should be alerted when vital readings are submitted outside the acceptable range.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

Remote Care Coordination

TimeDoc Health care managers are clinically trained and use evidence-based protocols to serve as an extension of your practice, providing monthly remote patient monitoring to as many patients as you need.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

TimeDoc Health Advantage

Combine multiple virtual care initiatives under one care management platform, with a dedicated care manager, to increase the efficiency of your workflows and provide seamless service to your patients.

TimeDoc Health

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TimeDoc Health provides complete RPM services and solutions that are intended to improve healthcare results, facilitate communication, and optimize patient care. Our remote patient monitoring software can keep your medical group or practice operating at its best. With our RPM software, you can easily monitor patients' health remotely by integrating it smoothly into your current operations. TimeDoc Health's remote patient monitoring software takes care of everything, from monitoring vital signs to treating chronic illnesses, offering real-time data insights.