Access to patient vitals in real-time enhances chronic disease management

Stay connected with your patients’ health in and out of the office with remote patient monitoring. We combine easy-to-use devices, EHR integrated patient dashboard, and remote care services to create a robust and scalable solution designed for all healthcare organizations and their most tech-averse patients.

Our RPM solution includes:

Easy to use devices

Cellular-enabled devices that are pre-configured for any patient to use right out of the box without the need of smartphones, Bluetooth pairing, WiFi, or monthly data plans.

EHR integrated technology

We support the use of your current systems by pushing patient data directly from our platform onto the patient chart in your EHR.

Multi-condition monitoring

Choose from blood glucose meters, scales for weight management, and self-monitoring blood pressure devices that are all cellular-enabled to support monitoring of various chronic conditions.

Drive clinical outcomes

Use actionable data to proactively improve your patients' health while reducing unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits.

Automatic data collection

Devices automatically push readings into the patient dashboard on our powerful, web-based platform that displays biometric data in real-time allowing you to track patient adherence, program enrollment, and other key insights.

Customizable alert settings

Set thresholds for your entire remote monitoring program or customize them by the patient and decide how frequently your clinical team should be alerted when vital readings are submitted outside the acceptable range.


RPM Services Include:

Clinical guidance and support

Evidence-based clinical protocols, pathways, call scripts, and training help with ongoing patient engagement to improve health outcomes.

Remote care coordination

TimeDoc Health care managers are clinically trained and can serve as an extension of your practice to provide monthly remote patient monitoring to as many patients your clinic staff cannot handle.

Continuity of care

One dedicated care manager delivers seamless care for all your virtual programs, including chronic care management and behavioral health integration.

TimeDoc Health Advantage

Combine multiple virtual care initiatives under one care management platform to increase the efficiency of your workflows and provide seamless service to your patients.

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