Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Devices


Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Devices

With the right remote health monitoring equipment, you can get deep insight into the health of your patients and keep track of their blood pressure and other vitals from afar. Today, almost half of the American population has some degree of hypertension. Frequent, accurate blood pressure readings are essential to determining the next steps for treatment. With the use of remote blood pressure monitoring, you can help your patients improve their blood pressure more than you could with self-monitoring and office monitoring alone.

EHR Integrated Blood Pressure RPM

TimeDoc Health’s devices seamlessly integrate with your EHR systems to give you real-time insights into your patients’ current conditions. The use of remote blood pressure monitoring devices also prevents the possibility of false readings due to white coat syndrome. With TimeDoc Health, you can get alerts for abnormal readings as soon as they’re taken. What’s more, remote monitoring can offer insights into how a patient’s blood pressure progresses over time, allowing providers to assess when they need to titrate medications.


Our self-monitoring blood pressure (SMBP devices) provide fast, accurate readings. Our cuffs use cellular-enabled technology, eliminating the need for Bluetooth pairing, WiFi, or additional internet requirements common with other devices. With our remote blood pressure monitoring device, patient readings will be automatically uploaded into the TimeDoc Health’s web-based platform that seamlessly integrates with most of the top ambulatory EHR systems, eliminating the need for manual data migration.

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