Community Health Centers

Patient Outcomes

Community Health Centers

Improving Patient Outcomes

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No two health centers are the same. We know that because we’ve been partnering with health centers since the launch of virtual care management in 2016.

Since then, we’ve grown to understand the challenges that Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) face.

Both types of organizations can also struggle with financial growth and staffing limitations, as well as with patients with poor social determinants of health. These challenges may seem insurmountable, but that’s where TimeDoc can help. We know providers are faced with addressing barriers to care for which there isn’t a clinical answer. TimeDoc empowers you to scale and grow, expand your reach, meet patients where they are, and get reimbursed, too.
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We Help You Make Your Health Center Better

Impact outcomes at scale for the most vulnerable patients while maintaining the operational success of your practice. Through our virtual care management software and services, you can expand care to better serve more patients each year, regardless of geography, digital literacy and other social determinants of health.

With TimeDoc, you can expect to:

TimeDoc Health
Drive patient engagement and retention

Drive patient
engagement and retention

Address social determinants of health

Address social
determinants of health

Reduce provider fatigue

Reduce provider

TimeDoc Health
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Chronic Care Management Solutions

When caring for patients with chronic diseases, providers need to create ongoing care models in and out of the office. TimeDoc Health offers a CCM platform for managing the many aspects of chronic care. This platform can help address the need for the following:

Staff augmentation: Integrate our platform with our in-house care managers to address gaps in staffing.

Program enrollment: Identify the best patients suited for chronic care management.

Program awareness: Utilize our patient marketing and enrollment workflows.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote patient monitoring for community health centers can be challenging with limited resources and staff, but TimeDoc Health offers an accessible solution. 

Our RPM platform extends your health center practice to at-home monitoring. A selection of cellular-enabled devices allows patients to monitor their own vitals. These devices connect to your EHR, and provider teams can receive real-time updates in patient charts. Our devices include:

TimeDoc Health’s RPM platform displays data in tables and graphs, providing accessibility to physicians when they need it. Care teams can also customize alerts for vitals outside acceptable ranges to encourage faster responses to health scenarios.

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Behavioral Health Management Solutions

Behavioral health Management (BHI/BHM) is common for conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, and trauma. It requires a strong relationship between care providers and patients to encourage progress, support early intervention, and educate patients on self-management.

TimeDoc Health’s BHM platform uses validated rating scales to assess a patient’s progress. Physicians can establish care plans and track patient status over time through their existing EHRs. Providers can create better patient outcomes and break the behavioral health spiral with a reliable connection to patient progress.

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