Remote Patient Monitoring

Blood Glucose Meter
RPM Device

Remote Patient Monitoring

Blood Glucose Meter RPM Device

Blood Glucose Meter

Remote Blood Sugar Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) gives you comprehensive oversight of patient health. TimeDoc Health offers a cellular-enabled blood glucose monitor as part of our RPM solution to help track vital blood sugar information for patients living with diabetes.

With Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes requiring regular blood glucose monitoring, our easy-to-use blood glucose meter can help you track patterns throughout a patient’s day. Determine the effects of medication, ensure healthy behaviors, and expand beyond office and self-monitoring with this powerful tool.

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Using Our Blood Glucose Meter for RPM Integration

When you integrate our RPM solution into your electronic health records (EHR), your patients can submit blood glucose readings that automatically get pushed into discrete fields within the patient chart. These easy-to-use devices offer real-time insights into patient health and integrate into their current at-home care routine.

Blood sugar data automatically enters your EHR patient file as soon as the patient completes the test. Our RPM integration allows you to view blood glucose information in a chart or graph to gather insights about level changes throughout the day. You also have the option to create alerts for levels that are too high or low.

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A Simple Way to Help Diabetic Patients Manage Their Blood Glucose Levels

TimeDoc Health's blood glucose monitoring solution allows healthcare providers to react quickly and proactively to deliver comprehensive care to every patient within their system.

Real-time results: 4G/5G LTE cellular-connected devices are not dependent on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth pairing. By eliminating the complexities of pairing, syncing, or downloading, patients can effortlessly perform tests without any additional steps.

Out-of-the-box ready: Our comprehensive kit includes a lancing device, lancets, test strips, control solution, carrying case, charger, and user manuals. This ensures that patients have everything they need at their disposal, promoting convenience and ease of use for effective monitoring and management of blood glucose levels.

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Improve Patient Outcomes with Blood Glucose Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring


Clinicians agreed that seamless transmission of data was beneficial in treatment decisions between visits.


Patients felt visits were more productive due to reviewing data between visits


Patients felt iGlucose was easy to set up and use compared to other blood glucose monitors


Average HbA1C reduction in poorly controlled subjects (n=10)

*Data from an iGlucose Howard University Trial (90 day period)