athenahealth EHR Integration

TimeDoc Health syncs with your athenahealth electronic health records (EHR), allowing you to enroll patients and access care programs directly from your platform. Our chronic care management (CCM), behavioral health integration (BHI) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions seamlessly integrate with the athenahealth EHR, promoting faster and more accurate documentation, greater clinical efficiency and convenient care coordination. 


With athenahealth EHR integration, you can focus on delivering the best possible patient care.

Using the TimeDoc Health Platform With Your athenahealth EHR


The athenahealth CCM integration allows your entire provider team to access our CCM solution to view care plans and document care coordination activities through your athenahealth EHR. Encounter summaries can be loaded into the patient chart and billing charges can automatically be tabulated and pushed into your system for quick review and submission.



The TimeDoc Health software facilitates RPM integration into clinical workflows from within the athenahealth platform.  Patients use cellular-enabled RPM devices, such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and weight scales to measure and transmit biometric readings directly into their patient chart within the EHR.  Clinical measurements populate into a user-friendly table or graph and you have the option to turn on alerts notifying providers if vitals are outside of the desired range.  Provider teams have more data to aid in clinical decision-making, enabling them to determine the proper treatment to improve patient outcomes.




Through athenahealth BHI integration, you can implement our behavioral health software into your athenahealth EHR system to better manage your patients’ mental well-being with behavioral health-focused care coordination. Our platform allows you to identify patients best suited for your care management initiatives and assess treatment responses using our built-in validated rating scales.


Take Advantage of athenahealth EHR Integration at TimeDoc Health

You can optimize your athenahealth EHR with seamless integration using TimeDoc Health’s innovative solutions. We’re proud to empower medical providers to deliver the highest level of patient care.

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