Allscripts EHR Integration

With TimeDoc Health, you can seamlessly integrate care management programs into your Allscripts electronic health records (EHR). Our behavioral health integration (BHI), chronic care management (CCM), and remote patient monitoring (RPM) software platform function within your EHR to improve documentation practices, enhance clinical efficiency and provide seamless charge posting.


The Allscripts EHR integration introduces convenience to care coordination, allowing you to focus on improving patient outcomes.

TimeDoc Health works directly within your Allscripts EHR


The Allscripts CCM integration offers a complete CCM solution with access to care plans and care coordination documents from within your Allscripts EHR. This integration allows you to load encounter summaries into patient charts with ease and supports efficient billing through automated charge posting.


The TimeDoc Health software enables RPM integration with your Allscripts EHR, supplementing your clinical workflows for greater efficiency. With cellular-enabled RPM devices, patients can monitor blood pressure, weight and blood glucose levels as part of their at-home care routines. Biometric readings load directly to patient charts, and care professionals can access patient submitted vitals and averages directly from within the Allscripts environment, equipping providers with data needed for clinical decision-making.


Our Allscripts BHI integration offers functions for managing patients’ behavioral health care coordination and mental well-being. With this integration, you can identify patients who can benefit from behavioral health-focused care coordination. Through our BHI software, you can use built-in validated rating scales to assess treatment responses and track how patients are progressing over time.

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