NextGen Healthcare Integration

NextGen Healthcare RPM Integration

TimeDoc Health helps you successfully implement a remote patient monitoring program by providing easy-to-use cellular-enabled devices that integrate your patients’ at-home care routines with their current health charts. We specialize in software and care services that assist with chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and behavioral health integration. Our software integrates seamlessly with NextGen Healthcare’s EHR so you can keep your patients’ information immaculately organized and streamline your patients’ care.


TimeDoc Health’s remote monitoring solution helps you can identify barriers to care and assist in monitoring your patients’ progress, medication management, and health education. With remote patient monitoring for multiple chronic conditions, you can have access to actionable data that enables you to provide early intervention to avoid escalation of symptoms and keep your patients safe.

Using TimeDoc Health's NextGen Healthcare Integration for RPM

Once you’ve integrated NextGen Healthcare for RPM, you can access the TimeDoc Health’s web-based application directly within your NextGen Healthcare interface by clicking the TimeDoc Health link on the right-hand side of the application. If your patient is already enrolled in remote health monitoring services, their vitals will be the first thing you see when you open their file in the TimeDoc application.


With constant access to vitals at your fingertips, you can easily monitor when your patients are experiencing abnormalities and are in need of assistance. The TimeDoc Health platform gives you insight into your patients’ average vitals and presents the information in a graph format for easy visualization. Through the TimeDoc Health’s patient dashboard, you can even see which patients have low compliance with your remote monitoring program.

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