Cardiologist CCM and RPM Platform


Cardiologist CCM and RPM Platform

TimeDoc Health provides cardiology practices with integrated chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions designed to help providers optimize their clinical protocols, increase operational efficiency and improve health outcomes.


Chronic Care Management for Cardiologists

With chronic care management solutions from TimeDoc Health, cardiology practices can reduce the likelihood of hospitalizations, readmissions, and emergency room visits while increasing reimbursement opportunities through new CPT codes and improving patient satisfaction. Our CCM platform offers a customized solution individually designed to help practices optimize their chronic care management program while meeting organizational needs.


Our streamlined CCM software enables health professionals to:


  • Generate revenue through new reimbursement codes
  • Minimize CCM billing time
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Easily document time spent with patients
  • Automate care planning
  • Sustain Medicare program compliance

Remote Patient Monitoring for Cardiologists

Our remote patient monitoring software connects cardiology practices to patient health with easy access to patient vitals and actionable records regarding chronic conditions. Practices can use our RPM platform for collecting critical patient data. With our self-monitoring blood pressure devices, care teams can effectively manage hypertension even when patients are outside the practice.



RPM is highly beneficial in the cardiology field, creating all of the following advantages:


  • Reducing hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Helping specialists better identify and address health conditions
  • Strengthening doctor/patient relationships
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Increasing personal health accountability
  • Creating more effective hypertension management

Benefits of Our CCM and RPM Cardiologist Platform

You can optimize care pathways for heart failure, atrial fibrillation and more with our platform.


Maintaining Efficient Healthcare Delivery

Our integrated software for cardiology practices comes with numerous clinical benefits, preventing doctors from having to take the time to learn another system. By saving time, the TimeDoc Health platform supports these specialists in maintaining productivity and delivering the most efficient patient care without interruptions or delays, enabling them to focus on what’s most important — improving patient health outcomes.

Accessing Actionable Health Information

Chronic care management and remote patient monitoring applications provide care teams with the information they need to optimize care. TimeDoc Health extends care beyond in-office visits, so cardiology teams can allocate practice resources for the best results, and patients can feel more satisfied with their care.

Optimizing Operation

Because our advanced software fully integrates with your electronic health records, you’ll never have to resubmit data into the system. Instead, encounter summaries, patient vitals, and charges are automatically posted to your EHR, increasing operational efficiency.

Experience Streamlined Clinical Protocols for High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Conditions With Software From TimeDoc Health

You can improve your clinical pathways for ischemic heart disease and more with integrated CCM and RPM solutions from TimeDoc Health. We help providers improve their patients’ quality of life while raising revenue for healthcare facilities.

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