5 Chicago Tech Companies

Meet 5 Chicago Tech Companies on the COVID-19 Front Lines

They’re looking into 3D-printing N95 and N80 masks. They’re providing medical professionals with personal protective equipment made in-house. They’re distributing fanny-packs stuffed with medical supplies to healthcare providers. 

Tech companies across the nation are stepping up in the face of the novel coronavirus, and Chicago businesses are no exception. 

The following five tech companies are using resources readily available to them to help their communities. In part one of a two-part series, they shared how they’re giving back through data-sharing, remote care, product integration and new partnerships. 

Healthtech company TimeDoc, for example, trained a health clinic’s staff in remote care coordination so that nearly a dozen previously planned layoffs were no longer necessary. 

Ellen Houston, managing director of applied data science at Civis Analytics, said her team is working with the states of Illinois and Michigan on data centralization, epidemiological modeling and surveys related to the COVID-19 crisis response.  

“We had to ask ourselves if what we were previously working on still matters and adjust accordingly,” Houston said.