Success Story

Patient Success Stories – Volume I

At TimeDoc Health, our enrollment department is a trailblazing part of our team. They get patients excited about enrolling in our partner providers’ virtual care management programs. They can sometimes get overlooked because they are the first stepping stone in our process, being the initial contact for patients before moving them to their care manager for continued engagement. Our enrollment team works hard to get patients set up for success, and while it can be intimidating for many patients, it is the necessary first step for our team to provide valuable patient care. Enrollment specialists must be persistent but respectful to encourage patients to embark upon their chronic care management journey and take advantage of its benefits. 

This first success story from the enrollment team comes from a patient at a health center in the Southeast about easing his worries around chronic care management enrollment.

Over the past few months, the enrollment team members attempted to enroll this patient into the provider’s chronic care management program, but he was hesitant to verify HIPAA. Even though he didn’t sign up, the conversations stuck with him, so he asked his provider about chronic care management the next time he was in for an appointment.  After speaking with his physician’s front office, he decided to call us back. Since members thoroughly documented his initial hesitation, when the patient called back, an enrollment team member was armed with the recommendation of a warmer approach to better explain the benefits of chronic care management. They successfully enrolled the patient and eventually discovered that he suffers from high blood pressure and strives to live a healthy life without relying on his wife. Our care team can now work with him to develop a care plan to help him manage his hypertension independently. 

This is what we are all about at TimeDoc Health: helping patients manage and improve their conditions while easing their worries. Staying consistent and respectful with patients leads to extraordinary outcomes. 

Speaking of extraordinary outcomes, nearly 148 million Americans have received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine as of May 3, 2021. People across the country have been deeply affected by the Coronavirus, whether they had it or knew someone who did. Covid-19 changed the world for everyone, and patients with chronic diseases are no exception. Even though vaccines have been available for this eligible population, many have struggled to get an appointment. 

The following story comes from an enrollment specialist who helped guide a patient through his Covid-19 recovery journey. 

A new chronic care management patient was deeply affected by Covid-19. When the virus peaked and filled up hospital beds, this patient was put on a ventilator after contracting Covid-19. The patient was scared for his life and could only hope for the best. The patient was unsure if he would ever be taken off of the ventilator, let alone see the development of a vaccine. After weeks of staying in the hospital, the patient was slowly weaned off the ventilator, and his condition improved. Following the patient’s hospital stay, he had the pleasure of speaking with an enrollment specialist to get started with chronic care management to help manage his conditions and receive the vaccine. The patient immediately confided in the care manager and agreed to enroll.  The patient got emotional because he finally made it to the day where he was eligible for the vaccine, a moment that he was unsure would ever happen. 

Our care team has been helping patients overcome their obstacles to getting vaccinated while also being a solid support system. 

Getting to be a part of the solution is the main focus for us at TimeDoc Health, and helping patients get the necessary care is essential, regardless of what is going on in the world around us.  When we meaningfully listen to the needs of patients, like our team of enrollment specialists, the results are empowering. We create a patient-centered healthcare system that works.