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TimeDoc Health’s CEO Will Boeglin Speaks with The Health Care Blog  

TimeDoc Health’s CEO, Will Boeglin, provides an overview of the platform for Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with Matthew Holt of The Health Care Blog. This conversation reveals the key platform features that make TimeDoc Health a beneficial addition to care teams of all sizes.

Boeglin provides a TimeDoc Health demo to display the intelligent features in real time and how they can transform CCM and RPM. Gain a sense of the user-friendly design of the platform and why it may be an excellent solution for your organization.

Watch the full video below or explore topics of interest with the included timestamps.

0:11 — Introduction of Will Boeglin and TimeDoc Health

4:52 — The challenges of CCM services

6:04 — Billing with CCM and RPM

6:53 — How CCM from TimeDoc Health works

10:48 — Time tracking care on the platform

13:36 — TimeDoc Health demo workflow for a single patient

18:30 — How TimeDoc Health supports billing needs for care providers

20:42 — RPM with TimeDoc Health

25:03 — Managing RPM equipment and out-of-range readings

27:23 — How patient contact interacts with the platform workflow

29:28 — Demo of equipment readings

30:11 — Using the platform to report to providers

31:59 — How is TimeDoc Health improving patient outcomes?

33:21 — Where does TimeDoc Health stand in the market for CCM and RPM?

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring Software

CCM and RPM are two different strategies that providers use to manage chronic conditions and more effectively monitor patient adherence to care plans. These strategies can be excellent introductions for healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes, but these programs can be challenging to implement independently.

With the right software, healthcare organizations can introduce these programs without stretching staff beyond their means. TimeDoc Health presents a comprehensive solution to these implementation challenges, so providers can improve care for patients with various health backgrounds.

Will Boeglin’s Overview of the TimeDoc Health Platform

Throughout Will Boeglin’s overview of TimeDoc Health, he explores the many features of the platform and how these translate to benefits for care providers. With backgrounds in healthcare, he and his co-founder developed a solution to care providers’ biggest challenge — time.


TimeDoc Health integrates into most major electronic health record (EHR) platforms to create a sense of ease for care teams. A provider or care manager already stretched for time will not navigate to another platform, but our solution makes it simple. With all the data pulled from your EHR, you can see all pertinent patient information, from contact numbers to existing conditions.


Medicare and select private plans now reimburse for CCM and RPM services, making billing practices an essential aspect of these programs. TimeDoc Health features time tracking and billing code information to help teams understand which codes apply to which circumstances.

When teams handle this process manually, they often spend hours identifying billing codes to get the most from their reimbursements. Our platform is intelligent and understands the various billing requirements across codes. Within the patient listing, you can see the applicable codes next to each individual based on their care, saving teams significant amounts of time.


TimeDoc Health provides granular data to more effectively manage patient care. With remote monitoring devices for blood pressure and blood glucose levels, care teams gain access to essential vitals regarding patient care. The platform also allows teams to set healthy ranges for patients and receive alerts when levels are out of range.

During interactions with patients, providers and care teams can also conduct health assessments based on individual health histories. Through these assessments, the platform can compile risk factors for patients and guide care management. With this data readily available within the EHR, providers can address patient needs more effectively with every in-office visit and phone call.


While many healthcare organizations rely solely on the platform to implement CCM and RPM programs, TimeDoc Health offers personnel support in addition to our software. Our platform can save time in many areas, but a shortage of workers can still pose challenges to care teams. Through staffing solutions, personnel can monitor CCM and RPM programs while providers focus on larger areas of care. Organizations can also fully outsource to our team.

Learn More About TimeDoc Health

TimeDoc Health is a comprehensive solution for addressing CCM and RPM programs within organizations. With various features, our software saves time for care teams in numerous ways, freeing up more resources for improving patient outcomes. Learn more about our CCM support and RPM solutions today. You can also request a demo to get a more in-depth look at the platform.