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Butt Seriously: Close Open Colorectal Screening Gaps in 4 Weeks

The Challenge

A large community health center based in the Chicago area contracted with TimeDoc Health to virtually deliver chronic care management and remote patient monitoring. While managing these patients, it was noticed that 10% of the patient population had an open gap for colorectal cancer screening. Colorectal cancer screenings are critical for early identification. “Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates have dropped by over 30% in the U.S. among adults 50 and older in the last fifteen years, with a substantial fraction of these declines due to screening.”⁴

9.4M Missed screenings in 2020 (1) 150K Estimated CRC diagnosis in 2022 (2) 91% 5 year survival rate with early ID (3)

The Solution

TimeDoc Health had been working on a new care management module for closing care gaps and saw this as an opportunity to pilot the module while driving value to the client’s patients and practice. The goal of this program was to get these care gaps closed and make sure the patients had their screenings scheduled or FIT tests ordered.

The Results

In a matter of 4 weeks, the TimeDoc Health Care Services team was able to get over 70% of colorectal cancer screenings scheduled or fit test ordered by leveraging the new platform capability and care coordination workflow designed specifically to support patient care gap closure.






1. Chen RC, Haynes K, Du S, Barron J, Katz AJ. Association of Cancer Screening Deficit in the United States With the COVID-19 Pandemic. JAMA Oncol. 2021;7(6):878-884