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FQHC Sees 25% Reduction in Emergency Department Visits

The Challenge

A large community health center based in Florida engaged TimeDoc Health as a strategic partner to support their efforts to reduce emergency department utilization across their patient population, in addition to finding ways to predict spend and reduce cost.

25% Reduction in Emergency Department utilization; 34% Reduction in two calendar quarters

The Solution

Empowered by TimeDoc Health’s tech-enabled services, this health center provided a patient cohort of “frequent fliers” that were the focus of this program. CMS has found CCM services, TimeDoc Health’s expertise, to be an effective tool for reducing hospitalizations and the cost of care. TimeDoc created a custom program and mobilized a proactive patient outreach pilot to provide ED diversion education and access to after-hours support directly to this cohort.

In addition, the team collected insight surrounding medication adherence, appointment attendance, or other factors and barriers contributing to lower patient engagement and discreetly communicated those back to this practice.

The Results

The initial pilot decreased emergency department admissions (per one thousand patients) by 25%, and continued on to deliver a 34.2% decrease in two quarters. This FQHC was able to provide true preventative care, improve outcomes at scale, increase patient engagement with their practice, and reduce costs through their TimeDoc Health partnership.