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Supporting Staff with Hybrid Care Options

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by a shift towards value-based care. In a recent webinar, Sarah Cameron, LCSW, and Allisha Rutherford of Heritage Health, shed light on the importance of flexibility and creativity in the evolving healthcare landscape.

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How Does the Importance of Flexibility Play into How You Engage Care Staff?

As the healthcare landscape changes and shifts towards value-based care, success requires adaptability and creativity. The ability to accommodate hybrid care models and explore alternative methods of delivering care has become essential. It is no longer just about having patients physically present in the office; the focus now lies on achieving better patient outcomes.

TimeDoc Health can help manage the increased workload with hybrid outsourced care coordination services, while focusing on the same goal in providing exceptional care. This level of flexibility not only supports staff in delivering better patient outcomes by augmenting existing services, but also fosters a positive and engaged work environment. By embracing flexibility, care staff can feel more empowered to explore new ideas and approaches to care, ultimately improving the overall quality of healthcare provided.

Using TimeDoc Health to Support Your Care Coordination Staff

While every health center may have resources to provide care, most practices are not prepared to add additional staff in their care program’s early stages. With TimeDoc Health’s hybrid pricing model, you can take advantage of staff augmentation services to provide care for patients your practice can’t reach.

TimeDoc takes care of the essential tasks needed to get your virtual care program up and running. From designing clinical workflows for enrollment, care planning, and billing, we lower entry barriers for organizations that are looking to implement and scale a virtual care management program in their practice.

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