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TimeDoc Health Appoints Brian Esterly as Chief Executive Officer

With more than 25 years of healthcare leadership experience, Esterly will bring a ‘growth mindset’ to the company and an aggressive plan for serving more patients.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (August 29, 2023) ‒ TimeDoc Health, a best-in-class solution provider for virtual care management, chronic condition management (CCM), and remote patient monitoring (RPM), has hired Brian Esterly to serve as chief executive officer.

Esterly, formerly the chief growth and strategy officer at Centria Healthcare, is renowned for his ability to bridge gaps with stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem. With a wealth of experience and an acute understanding of provider organizations, combined with his proficiency in leveraging technology to reach vulnerable populations, he emerged as the top choice to lead the company’s next phase of aiding patients contending with chronic illnesses.

A Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Business Administration, Esterly’s ‘help one more’ ethos reflects his military background and dedication to exceeding expectations in serving others.

“Brian’s distinguished background is steeped in a profound commitment to service. His unwavering dedication to serving others and his comprehensive understanding of intricate healthcare landscapes have consistently set him apart,” said Mirza Baig, managing partner of Aldrich Capital Partners, TimeDoc Health’s lead investor. “He embodies a selfless approach to leadership that prioritizes patients, and the wide spectrum of healthcare needs they have. This positions the company to advance ambitiously, ensuring enhanced patient support at its core.”

During his tenure at Centria Healthcare, Esterly assumed accountability for both cultivating new client sales and nurturing existing client relationships, while upholding Centria’s mission of prioritizing patient well-being. Moreover, his development of a comprehensive go-to-market strategy enabled the company’s expansion into four new markets, solidifying Centria’s market-leading position.

Prior to this role, he served as the chief operating officer of Solera Health, a preventive care benefits manager. He worked in a similar capacity for Aspire Health, an in-home palliative care services provider. Both organizations experienced significant growth and improved patient experiences during his tenure.

“TimeDoc has a history of success, and I am deeply honored to be granted the opportunity to further enhance the accomplishments set in motion by the founding team, including Will Boeglin,” said Esterly. “I am excited about spearheading the organization’s journey during this period of growth, as we extend our services to an even greater number of patients.”

Co-founding the company in 2015, Boeglin’s contributions were instrumental in securing $48.5 million in growth capital for the company in early 2022. He is committed to facilitating a seamless transition while retaining his role on the board and within the organization.

“TimeDoc’s future centers around the expansion of our collaborations with medical providers at the forefront of care, enhancing patient health outcomes and achieving success in the transition to value-based care,” said Boeglin. “The board and I selected Brian because of his extensive experience in working with industry leading health services companies to deliver preventive care services for older adults and the chronically ill. Embracing a seasoned and mission-driven healthcare leader like Brian stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients and patients.”

Currently, TimeDoc Health services more than 100,000 Medicare and Medicaid patients through virtual care management. The company also has more than 140 clients across 37 states. By leveraging proven engagements and investing in an expanded team, TimeDoc Health hopes to significantly drive enrollment and explore new service lines to support patients in need.