We accomplish this by helping providers Do two things:

1) Obtain reimbursement for the great care they are already providing to patients

2) Increase care coordination efforts through the use of additional resources

About Us
Founded in the beginning 2015, TimeDoc has developed a comprehensive care coordination solution that combines a technology platform and care management services. Our current platform leverages existing EMR data to help providers track the non-face-to-face care they provide to patients in between office visits.  For providers that do not have the infrastructure to provide active follow-up care, our Care Managers serve as an added resource to help monitor the health of patients while they are away from the clinical setting. 

TimeDoc was founded by a physician and medical students from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. The team has added experts with backgrounds in healthcare consulting, operations, and enterprise software management. 

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Curt Ginder
Founder, President

Tech guru turned medical student focused on creating seamless technology to better connect patients with their care team. University of Chicago MD/MBA student.

Will Boeglin
Co-Founder, CEO 

Trained in business operations and program management. Committed to developing teams and solutions that make health care more efficient, affordable, and patient-centric.

Emeka C. Anyanwu, MD
Co-Founder, Clinical Software Developer

Published physician and award winning web developer. Works to bridge the gap between providers and product development with his unique technical and clinical expertise. Case Western Medical School, residency at University of Chicago


John-Patrick Di Cosola
Chief Technology Officer

Passionate about delivering business value by implementing user-friendly technology. Extensive experience developing enterprise software solutions for companies in multiple industries as well as start-ups.


Ankur Bansal
Chief Strategy Officer

15+ years of consulting experience. Drives primary care practices to improve operational efficiency and implement population health initiatives. Inspired to be a part of the transformation sweeping the healthcare industry. 


Crystal Strong
Director of Nursing

Twenty years of experience in a wide breadth of clinical settings. Excited to be at the intersection of improving patient outcomes and enhancing value-based workflows for physicians.

Chris Knoff
Chief Financial Officer

Former healthcare consultant driven to make physician's lives easier and more effective. Developing processes and strategies to enable organizations to transition to value-based reimbursement.


George Thomas
Vice President of Operations & Development

Well-versed in healthcare advisory and an intimate understanding of both B2C and B2B business channels. Strives to create a positive, welcoming work environment ultimately achieving optimal operating procedures. 


Raman Walwyn-Venugopal
Software Engineer

Excited to be at the crossroads of healthcare and technology. Focused on building software that truly makes a difference in the lives of physicians and patients. An eye for web development and design.