Bridge the gap between primary care and behavioral health

The Behavioral Health Spiral

Proactively manage your chronically ill patients’ mental well-being by offering behavioral health-focused care coordination. TimeDoc Health helps you navigate Medicare’s requirements for Behavioral Health Integration to help you improve the lives of your patients.

Our Behavioral Health Integration platform will help you

Track and monitor progress

Intuitive software allows you to effectively measure your patients' progress to manage their conditions better.

Medication management

Real-time sync with your EHR provides you the ability to reconcile medications and active problems.

Identify barriers to care

A continuous relationship with a designated care manager addresses obstacles your patients may experience from receiving the care they need to improve conditions.

Deliver health education for self-management

Patient-guided dialogs in-platform help educate and coach behavioral health patients on better self-management of conditions.

Enhanced visibility for entire care team

Track care coordination activities, including care plans and encounter summaries, to ensure all providers involved in patient care clearly understand psychiatric needs and goals.

Early intervention to avoid escalation

Proactively identify and support declining patients that require intervention before the need for acute intervention.

BHI Services Include:

Patient Identification

We help navigate you through the complex world of Medicare reimbursement to identify the best patients to enroll in your program and differentiate them from other care management initiatives you may have.

Built-in Validate Rating Scales

Assess treatment adherence, tolerability, and clinical response using built-in validated rating scales to determine how patients are doing between face-to-face primary care visits for depression, suicide risk, substance abuse, anxiety, and more.

Dedicated Care Manager

With staff augmentation services, patients can develop a trusted relationship with a dedicated care manager who will work with them each month to improve both chronic and mental health conditions.

TimeDoc Health Advantage

We are the only company that can unify your patient care experience by integrating behavioral health with chronic care management, allowing you to manage multiple virtual care programs under one umbrella.

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