TimeDoc Health offers a comprehensive solution for remote hypertension management designed to support FQHCs in operationalizing their HTN Initiative.  We help health centers craft plans within their budget to ensure they meet the grant requirement of making SMBP devices available to more than 50% of their hypertension patients.

Designed for FQHCs

Smart devices simple enough for tech-averse elderly patients (BP Meter, Glucometer, Scale)
EMR-Integrated patient dashboard and monitoring services to make RPM seamless for providers
Affordable for FQHCs

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Devices

With more than 14.5 million Americans lacking internet access, cellular-enabled devices are the key to ensuring compliance with the HTN initiative. Our devices are:
  • Cellular enabled and do not require your patients to have a smart device, Bluetooth, or additional access to the internet or monthly data plan.
  • Pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box with a simple push of a button
  • HIPAA compliant and can be retrieved and shared with different patients without having to purchase additional devices

EMR Integrated Software Platform

Devices connect directly to our powerful web-based platform that integrates into your EMR allowing you to:
  • Use our devices or connect with pre-existing devices your health center may already be using
  • Easily view which patients are compliant and which patients have low adherence
  • Fully track your hypertensive patients overtime with data to support your HTN initiative
  • Receive alerts to intervene in real-time for patients with irregular readings

Our comprehensive remote monitoring solution helps FQHCs better manage their patients with uncontrolled hypertension through:


Cellular-enabled devices allow ALL patients to participate, not just those with Wi-Fi or smartphones. Devices can ship directly to the patient or be distributed from your health center and we can train you on device usage and best practices for self-monitoring.


We integrate our web-based platform directly into your EMR, giving you full access to readings as they are automatically pushed into the patient dashboard. Our platform allows you to set up regular reporting, giving your health center powerful insights that are needed for semi-annual progress reports and additional data requirements to support your HTN Initiative evaluation and reporting activities.


We support the engagement of non-physician team members with evidence-based clinical protocol, pathways, training, and call scripts for hypertension, cholesterol, weight management, and other modules to help with blood pressure management.

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