Improve Management of Hypertension with Patient-Centered Virtual Care Management

Deploy tech-enabled services to drive outcomes and engagement with Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring.

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Your patients have so much more on their minds than controlling their hypertension. While home blood pressure readings are more highly correlated with cardiovascular outcomes than in-office readings. Often, patients with hypertension don’t feel sick, and won’t adhere to self-monitoring devices. While more than two-thirds of Medicare patients have multiple chronic conditions, hypertension is among the most prevalent, and the easiest for patients to ignore, until they experience an emergency event.

Become a Leader in
Hypertension Management

1 %

Improvement in BP control achieved for a practice that identified an internal “RPM Champion” 

1 %

Average improvement of BP control over 10 weeks

1 %

Increase in RPM adherence with full virtual care management programs in which care coordinators engage with patients

* according to TimeDoc internal data
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Hypertension Management Best Practices

1) Treat the Whole Patient with the Right Technology and Right Partner

2) Leverage Flexible Patient Programs

3) Identify an Internal RPM Champion

4) Extend your Practice into Patient Homes

5) Ensure Technology Empowers Evidence-Based Care at Scale

6) Prioritize Actionable Data Pushed to Your EHR

Accurate and Easy-to-Use Devices for Blood Pressure Management

AMA Lists TimeDoc Health utilizes iBloodPressure, one of the most accurate on the American Medical Association’s US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing (VDL™) website. The VDL was created to support the need for accurate and actionable BP measurements that can lead to appropriate hypertension treatment and improved blood pressure control, reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Remote Monitoring


Cellular-enabled devices allow ALL patients to participate, not just those with Wi-Fi or smartphones. Devices can ship directly to the patient or be distributed from your health center and we can train you on device usage and best practices for self-monitoring.


We integrate our web-based platform directly into your EMR, giving you full access to readings as they are automatically pushed into the patient dashboard. Our platform allows you to set up regular reporting, giving your health center powerful insights that are needed for semi-annual progress reports and additional data requirements to support your HTN Initiative evaluation and reporting activities.


We support the engagement of non-physician team members with evidence-based clinical protocol, pathways, training, and call scripts for hypertension, cholesterol, weight management, and other modules to help with blood pressure management.

Optimizing Systems of Care to Improve BP Management

Hypertension continues to be a major cause of death and driver of healthcare costs. Watch this on-demand webinar for an engaging discussion about overcoming the clinical inertia and barriers to better outcomes.

How an FQHC Went Beyond Remote Monitoring

Learn how Southwest Community Health Center and Community Health Network of Connecticut built a successful, tech-enabled clinical services program with TimeDoc Health — one that promises and delivers better patient outcomes.

An All Too Common Patient Story

Alex is 70, has hypertension, and is pre-diabetic. He lives at home alone and is prescribed medication for hypertension, but he doesn’t take it regularly. Sound familiar? Learn how Alex’s story changed with virtual care management.

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