Primary Care Solution

Connect to Patients Outside
the Walls of Your Practice

Primary Care Solution

Connect to Patients Outside the Walls of Your Practice


Transform Primary Care With Comprehensive Virtual Care Management Solutions

TimeDoc Health empowers primary care providers to extend their reach and foster continuous patient engagement. With TimeDoc, providers can closely monitor health through remote monitoring and proactively intervene, leading to improved outcomes, enhanced patient satisfaction, and reduced healthcare costs.
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Improve Health Outcomes for Patients with Specialized Needs

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring are critical support services for patients with long-term or complex health conditions. With virtual care management, you can stay connected to your patients and their health.

Our EHR integrated SaaS platform and comprehensive clinical care coordination services make it possible to engage with patients at home so you can create new revenue streams through Medicare CPT codes and optimize your value-based performance.

By accessing real-time vitals from your EHR and engaging with patients on a monthly basis through telehealth or remote care, you can:

  • Ensure patient compliance with treatment plans.
  • Evaluate medication effectiveness.
  • Reduce the likelihood of hospitalization or unnecessary emergency room visits.
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Streamline Data Availability and Patient Care Coordination

With TimeDoc, you can access patient vitals directly from within the patient chart. You can view individual measurements or averages over time to see changes and note abnormal readings that require immediate care. TimeDoc also provides built-in care modules for hypertension, diabetes, and other disorders aimed at improving patient outcomes.

Along with software, we offer staff augmentation for additional support. Fully outsource your monthly care coordination to our team, or count on us to fill the gaps when you’re short on staff. With TimeDoc Health, you know your patients get the care they need.

A Comprehensive Primary Care Solution

TimeDoc Health

Data-Driven Care Excellence

With access to multiple data points, primary care providers can make informed decisions about treatment plans, leading to better clinical outcomes. Our web-based platform ensures comprehensive patient data is available in real-time, empowering healthcare providers to stay updated on their patients' status and intervene when needed.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

Multi-Condition Monitoring

Our cellular-enabled and user-friendly remote scales, blood glucose monitors, and self-monitoring blood pressure devices allow convenient integration into patients' at-home care routine. Primary care providers can effortlessly monitor vital signs, enhancing the effectiveness of tracking patients' health trends over time.

TimeDoc Health
TimeDoc Health

Patient-Centric Care Coordination

TimeDoc Health provides staff support for enhanced patient care. Whether you fully outsource care coordination to our expert team or rely on us during staff shortages, we ensure your patients receive the necessary care. Our dedicated in-house care team delivers ongoing monthly care, ensuring seamless support for your patients' well-being.

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