Personalized care for your patients

When you choose our staff augmentation services, you get a dedicated team of clinical staff who personalize care for each of your patients. Every one of our care coordinators is experienced in delivering care to improve health outcomes and avoid acute health episodes.

TimeDoc Health Care Coordination

Engage with patients on preventative measures

Between clinical assessments, medication adherence, coordinating referrals, obtaining necessary durable medical equipment, ensuring transportation needs are met, and more, our care managers take care of all the needs to ensure patients are proactively managing their own health.

Keep providers in the loop of patient health

By understanding provider communication preferences and using our EHR integrated software, our care managers proactively communicate with provider teams to ensure they are kept in the loop of patient health status between visits.

Provide health coaching and education

Our care managers help patients better manage their chronic conditions by understanding the goals set on their care plan and working through any obstacles to achieve them.

Through our dedication to providing the highest quality of care, we maintain 90%+ retention of enrolled patients

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