On the Leading Edge: The Role of SDOH Strategies in Population Health

Pioneering patient care organizations are developing strategies to integrate social determinants of health (SDOH) into their population health management initiatives. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the complexities, challenges, and opportunities in moving forward in this leading-edge area of activity.

How an FQHC Went Beyond Remote Monitoring: Support Between-Visit Care, With More Than Just Tech

This on-demand webinar features experts from TimeDoc Health, Southwest Community Health Center, and Community Health Network of Connecticut discussing how to build a successful, tech-enabled clinical services program — one that promises and delivers better patient outcomes.

An All Too Common Patient Story: Going Beyond RPM to Improve Patient Outcomes

Watch this on-demand session to learn how TimeDoc Health helps patients like Alex, a 70 year old pre-diabetic patient with hypertension. Alex’s story is all too familiar, but patients like him can easily be impacted at scale. 

Cutting-Edge Virtual Care: Optimizing Systems of Care to Improve Management of HTN

With hypertension continuing to be a major cause of death and driver of healthcare costs, affecting half of the U.S. population; controlling hypertension has never been more critical. Join TimeDoc Health’s Dr. Paul Helmuth in an engaging discussion about overcoming the clinical inertia and barriers to better outcomes.

A Physician’s Perspective: Chronic Care Management

Learn about how Dr. Ashley successfully implemented a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program at his primary care practice. You will get Dr. Ashley’s take on the value of the CCM program for patients, learn how he has enrolled over 75% of his eligible Medicare beneficiaries and how he efficiently and compliantly documents CCM from his EHR with TimeDoc Health.

Fundamentals of Integrating Behavioral Health into Chronic Care Management

Join Amanda Brooks to learn about how you can implement behavioral health care coordination to augment your chronic care management program. We will discuss how to break down the barriers between behavioral health and primary care to deliver a better healthcare experience to your most vulnerable patient population.

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