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13 provider primary care practice with 2 office locations in WV


Dunbar Medical Associates, PLLC, a large primary care practice in West Virginia, was unsure how to implement Medicare’s CCM program. Nancee Barnette, the Practice Administrator, knew that their clinical staff was already providing many of the services that qualify for reimbursement but recognized that their EHR did not have an efficient way to document or track the required information: patient enrollment, care planning, and the number of minutes spent on non-face-to-face care coordination services.


Regardless of these administrative obstacles, Dunbar’s leadership team recognized the significant value CCM could bring to their patients and the practice’s financial health and decided to jump right into the CCM program. They hired a full-time nurse to provide proactive outreach to help patients stay healthy in between office visits. The practice decided to start with one CCM nurse who used Microsoft Excel to track CCM time spent with each patient. Frustration set in 6 months into the program because they had enrolled 300+ patients but were only achieving 20+minutes of time for a fraction of the patients each month. Since there was no way to track CCM from the patient chart, the CCM nurse had to toggle between the EHR and Excel, which proved extremely inefficient.


Nancee was looking for an easier way for her clinical staff and CCM nurse to document time and engage patients. They were impressed by TimeDoc’s EHR-integrated CCM solution because it allowed their team to track CCM minutes inside the patient’s chart and automatically aggregate CCM minutes, removing the need for their nurse to go into each patient chart and transfer the CCM minutes from Excel.

In addition to time-tracking, Nancee and her team were excited about the automated billing report that TimeDoc generated at the end of the month. The CCM nurse no longer had to manually figure out which patients were over 20 minutes and dig through the chart to find the billing team’s information. TimeDoc trained their entire clinical staff on using the platform in one 45-minute session and provided the CCM nurse with additional training sessions on how to provide consistent, quality CCM services using TimeDoc’s care plan templates and care modules.


Better tools for care managers: care plan templates, care modules, compliance and progress reports

Billing for TCM, BHI, and complex CCM codes



efficiency increase


patients reached per month


additional revenue in 2019

Less than 3 months after using TimeDoc Health, the number of patients receiving CCM services each month increased from 50 to 250 and is now averaging 450. 10-12 different medical assistants, nurses, and providers documented CCM time each day for work they were already doing: phone calls, refills, referrals, authorizations, etc. The CCM nurse was able to see real-time progress for each CCM patient and direct attention to non-completed patients.

Before using TimeDoc Health, the practice made $20k in annual revenue. The practice made over $150k of annual reimbursement in 2019 and is pacing for $225k in 2020 while keeping roughly 85% as profit.

“I’m truly grateful, especially during these challenging days, to have TimeDoc partnering with our Chronic Care Management. We have a robust CCM program, and very proud to serve our patients in this capacity. With TimeDoc, we are able to easily create and access Care Plans specific to patients chronic condition(s), calculate time spent with patients, end of month billable report, quarterly check-in for continued training, and staff always readily available for any needs. All of our providers and clinical staff are users and able to calculate time spent with CCM patients. This is a very “user friendly” program. Also, it integrates with our EHR with demographics, medications, diagnosis, past medical history, etc.


In light of our current pandemic, I’m extremely thankful we have TimeDoc as partners as we navigate into another new landscape to care for our patients. I feel strongly during the most challenging days upon us and ahead of us, Chronic Care Management will be a means to care for our most vulnerable patients, as well as offer a source of revenue.


We certainly could NOT do this without the partnership with TimeDoc. I understand there may be many companies offering the same, but I would choose TimeDoc over any other company! They provide an exceptional service, always available meeting any needs or concerns, professional and passionate about their product.”


Nancee R. Barnette, HBS-C, Practice Manager

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