One size does not fit all

Between workflows, systems, personnel, and more, we know each virtual care management program needs a custom roadmap to reach success. That is why we are dedicated to offering you a tailored experience to operationalize your Medicare initiatives. Building a scalable, healthy, and diverse virtual care management program starts here.

Program Design


We define your virtual care management program's objectives, and together we develop goals and milestones to help you keep on track to deliver superior care. By pairing together a deep understanding of your policies and processes with our in-depth knowledge of Medicare program requirements, we create a clinical design that works for your organization.

Implementation & Training

We conduct an install of our software to integrate directly into your electronic health record system during this step. Once implementation is complete, we will train your full team on the clinical design and software functionality to ensure they are fully prepared at launch.

One Time Per Patient

Patient Education & Enrollment

Patient enrollment can be one of the largest challenges to any virtual care management program, so we devise in-person and telephone-based enrollment workflows. We help identify the best patients for your program and streamline the enrollment process by automatically uploading all eligible patients to the software.

Care Plan Development & Exchange

Care planning is a crucial but time-consuming component of virtual care management. We offer care plans created by physicians that use evidence-based protocol or work with your clinical staff to create your own templates for upload. By automating the care planning process, we save your clinical staff hours of work.

Ongoing Every Month

Monthly Care Coordination

We help you establish a continuity of care through a designated care manager who regularly engages with patients through proven workflows that include a twelve-month patient engagement plan.

Time Tracking & Billing Documentation

We implement a process to push charges into your electronic health record system automatically. This allows for quick review and submission that saves billing teams hours at the end of the month while tracking reimbursement and compliance requirements.

Ongoing Client Success

After a successful launch, we meet on a quarterly cadence to review your care management program's performance. We dig deep into financial impact and organizational efficiency to make refinements to your program that deliver the best patient and practice results during this time.

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